Summary of Rules


The following information is provided to acquaint you with the services, privileges and restrictions of our community. Your monthly BCHOA dues provide for the maintenance and ongoing operations of the community including but not limited to the water and sewerage treatment facility, road and drainage work, and administration of such work. As a resident, your monthly dues cover 24-hour security at the entrances and roaming patrol of the neighborhood, garbage pickup two days a week plus trash pickup an additional two days a week, mailboxes, street signage and overall maintenance of landscaping for Association property. All property owners being homes, condominiums, and lots are required to be BCHOA members. No property owner is exempt from the BCHOA membership dues assessment. Please feel free to contact Management should you desire additional information or have questions.

It is important to note that Beau Chêne Country Club (BCCC) comprised of two 18-hole golf courses, three swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis, exercise facilities, green space and lakes is owned and operated by The Earnest Corporation. Membership of the Beau Chêne Country Club is separate from your monthly BCHOA dues assessment.

There are also required memberships in various condominium associations which are separate and apart from the BCHOA.

Currently dues are set at $165.00 per month for dwellings and $53.24 per month for vacant lots, and are due on the first day of each month. Coupon booklets are provided for use when making your dues payment by check or you can sign up for automatic bank draft (ACH) from your banking institution. Payments received after the 15th of the current month will be assessed a $12.00 late charge for dwellings and a $4.00 late charge for lots. There is a $15.00 handling fee for all NSF checks. 

When a home is bought or sold, unless BCHOA is notified that dues were prorated at the act of sale, the accounting department will bill the new owner for the prorated portion of the current month. If the seller paid for the entire month in advance, he or she will be refunded the prorated credit due. Accounts are never to be opened in a tenant’s name and BCHOA does not serve as an intermediary between owners and tenants. Questions regarding your account should be directed to the BCHOA accounting department at 985-231-6285.


The BCHOA has authority to levy dues against members by an 11-member board of directors based upon the needs of the annual expense budget. Expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of streets and drainage
  • Garbage & trash collection
  • Operation of sewer and water systems
  • Security guard service
  • Roadside and entrance maintenance
  • Environmental control within Beau Chêne
  • Mailboxes and signage


Collection services are provided by Northshore Disposal Service (N.D.S.) and Rodney Keys, Owner. Their phone numbers 985-845-7463, 985-845-1380 and or 985-778-9220.

Pick-up Days
Monday and Thursday
for garbage, trash and non-yard trash.
Wednesday & Saturday for yard trash only.

Pick-up Time
Service begins at 8:00 am on collection days (Please refrain from placing trash on the curb prior to collection days.)

Boxes, rubbish, grass; leaves and limbs must be bagged, boxed or tied in bundles. Bundles must be no larger than 4′ x 2′ x 2′.

Builder’s trash or vacant lot clearing trash
This is the responsibility of the builder or lot owner and will not be picked up by N.D.S.

Large Items
Refrigerators, freezers, etc., should be handled by the residents themselves, a private service or by contacting N.D.S. at 985-845-1380 to make special arrangements.


Article VIII, Section (1): The Restrictive Covenants governing all property in Beau Chêne prohibit animals, except for the non-commercial, domestic keeping of dogs, cats or caged birds, and only if such animals are not a source of annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood or other members. All Beau Chêne households are limited to two adult dogs and two adult cats at a maximum. The board of directors of the Association has the right to order any member whose pet is a nuisance to remove such pet from the property after a hearing with due notice before the Board.


If there are problems with your pet, you may receive a phone call or letter from the Association, to be followed by further action by the Board or its attorney, and/or the parish, should the problem persist. The Association will try to assist you in resolving any problems that may arise with your neighbor’s animals.


Article VIII, Section 1(d): No junk vehicles, trailers, campers, camp trucks, house trailers, boats, machinery or other equipment, except for that which is reasonable, customary, and usual in connection with the use of any dwelling, shall be kept at a dwelling or lot. Further, except for true emergencies, no repair or extraordinary maintenance of automobiles or other vehicles shall occur at a dwelling. These restrictions do not apply to vehicles, trailers, boats…kept within an enclosed room or garage.


Article VI: This article creates an Environmental Control Committee (ECC). Plans for houses, additions, decks, fences, pools, garages, cabanas, patios, sprinkler systems, greenhouses, accessory buildings, etc. are to be submitted to and approved in writing by the ECC as to safety, harmony of external design, color, and location in conformity with the design concept for Beau Chene by the Board of Directors.

Signs allowed include 1 (one) real estate sign no greater than 6 (six) sq. ft. in size; for houses under construction, 1 (one) contractor’s sign no greater than 16 (sixteen) sq. ft. in size, and also those subcontractor signs required by parish law; and security (alarm) company signs no greater than 72 (seventy two) sq. in. in size.

Please note these regulations and abide by them so that we will enjoy a more attractive and livable community. Questions regarding the restrictions should be directed to the Administrative Office. A complete set of the restrictive covenants and/or the ECC Guidelines can be viewed on this website, obtained from the administrative office or mailed to you upon request.


Beau Chêne is a restricted entry community with three entrances and some 17 miles of private streets. There are guardhouses at the entrances, with security cameras at the two major entrances. The Main Gate on Beau Chêne Blvd. off La. Hwy. 22 and the East Gate on Fontainbleau Drive off the Hwy. 190 Service Road are manned 24 hours a day. The Marina Gate on Marina Blvd. off La. Hwy. 22 is open from 6 am to 10 pm. A security patrol operates at night on Monday thru Thursday, and Sundays. St. Tammany Parish Deputies are paid to patrol on Friday and Saturday nights.

Entry can be by vehicle decal (issued to properly owners, club members, and long-term one-year lease or more renters) or temporary passes. Daylight entry passes are issued to workers, housekeepers, service people, etc. 24-hour (day and night) entry passes are issued to short-term renters, club workers, residential house guest, etc. Passes are renewed every four months on Jan 31st, May 31st and Sept 30th.

Entry procedure other than by decal or pass during the day (6 am to 7:30 pm) requires one to stop and check in with the guard. Entry at night other than by decal or pass requires clearance by phone, written permission, or registration on a resident’s card (up to ten names). Clearance during the day to an individual’s home can be made stricter if a person so desires. While every effort is made to enforce procedures, please note there is no absolute guarantee a given individual will not gain entry to Beau Chêne.